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We are excited for another awesome school year full of fitness and fun for all of our homeschool families.  Our goal is to expose all of you to many different form of physical and mental fitness. We are also excited to announce that we are beginning our performance team this fall as well. We are looking for children and adults who would love to perform on stage at our many events. We had over 20 events last year, such as Comic Con, Louisiana International Film Festival, Luna Fete and many more! The best part about all of this is you need absolutely no experience. We have had children and adults who have only trained 3 months getting chances to perform on stage. How cool is that?! Below you will find an outline of our programs, times/days and details of each class. We hope to see y’all this fall! 

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NinjaFit Kids


NinjaFit: Strength, endurance and obstacle course training designed to turn you into a Ninja!

We will begin each class with a full body warm up and floor exercise. We will then do a full body strength and endurance workout. Lastly we will set up a kid friendly obstacle course on the floor to race through. We will also try to beat the big obstacles in our real life Ninja Warrior course!

Circus & Aerial Arts


Have your kids ever wanted to join the circus? Well now they can!

We will focus on many different circus skills such as acrobatics, tumbling, aerial silks, trapeze, tumbling, juggling, balance and more!

Music & Voice


We will be using our 'Iron Minds' and 'Iron Bodies' in the Music and Voice class as we teach our Gymfit kids a wide variety of music elements: music reading, singing, rhythm and movement, music theory, and much more. Most importantly, we will have fun making music together. 

No prior music

experience is necessary.  


Parkour/Free Running


Learn to swing like a money, move like a cheetah and jump like a kangaroo in this fun and active class.

Your child will begin each workout with a full body and parkour specific warm up. Obstacles and paths will be set up differently each week.

Open Play (Structured)


After your kids have worked so hard throughout the week we want to reward them with a day of structured open play.

We will begin the class with a full body warm up and tumbling warm up. After that we will have multiple instructors guiding the kids through Ninja Warrior obstacles, circus arts and more.